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Many people participated in this unique project and they all have different stories to tell. However, what they all share are the qualities of courage and persistence.

It took courage for all of them to take the step of migrating to a new, and often unknown, country. It then took even more courage and tenacity to do all the things that are required when you start a new life on a different continent.

There are many things those of us who were born in Australia take for granted: finding accommodation, learning the language (and its vernacular), becoming familiar with the services available, securing employment and having the support of a network of friends and family.

In the face of frustration and loneliness, the people in this book chose to embrace their new country rather than retreat from it. At the same time, they never abandoned their own culture and Australia is a richer, more diverse country because of it.

I commend the City of Kingston for the thought, effort and organisation that was required to compile this book. It is a book that reminds us all of how lucky we are to live in Australia, and of how much our country’s migrants have contributed to its identity and prosperity.

It is my privilege to represent an area that I believe epitomises the benefits of multiculturalism. We can all learn and benefit from the cultures and experiences of each other. There are many personal and compelling stories told in this book. Of course, they are but a few of the thousands of stories that could be told by the people of Kingston.

Simon Crean
Federal Member for Hotham

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