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Gregg's Hotel: South Brighton

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Gregg’s Hotel as depicted in 1880s.

This well-known hotel has been in the possession of Mr. Gregg, the present proprietor, for the past twenty years. It is celebrated for its situation and its salubrious air, which is a happy medium between the air of the sea, and that of the interior. Just far enough removed from the ocean, the atmosphere is pregnant with saline qualities and ozone, making it stimulating, and at the same time healing.

Leading members of the Medical Faculty have repeatedly urged Mr. Gregg to build extensive premises, for the reception of invalid guests, as they consider the situation one of the most favoured in Victoria. Deeming such an establishment calculated to bring increased care and trouble, he has declined to comply with the requests, and confined his attention to looking after his guests and customers with care and assiduity, which leaves nothing to be desired. Several of the champion athletes of the world have trained upon the premises, and expressed entire satisfaction at the results. Much of his time, and no expense, has been spared in beautifying his grounds, and making his hotel a home for families requiring a change of air, or pleasure parties bent upon a day’s outing.

Among the special attractions may be mentioned a labyrinth, considerably larger than that of Hampton Court, London, which is celebrated throughout Europe. This unique plantation covers several acres, and is a never-failing source of perplexity and amusement to visitors. Mr. Gregg’s grounds contain many rare birds and animals, collected at very considerable expense, among which some Timor ponies are found, having no equals in Australia. Mr. Gregg was for many years connected with the Argus, and, as a rewarded for his labours, has amassed a handsome fortune. Intending visitors should remember that the South Brighton Railway premises are built upon part of his estate.

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The Site of Gregg’s Hotel in 2002.


  1. Reprinted from Leavitt, T. W. H., The Jubilee History of Tasmania, 1888.

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