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Old Bakery, Mentone

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Old Bakery, c1920's.

The bakery in Old Bakery Lane at the back of and parallel to Mentone Parade was one of several bakeries in Mentone in the 1920ís but its history goes back much further.

Ownership changed over the years but in the 20ís it was a successful business delivering bread to customers as far away as Dingley and Beaumaris. Associated with the bakery was a shop that faced on to Mentone Parade where buns and pastries, in addition to bread, were sold.

The following list gives the succession of owners:

  • George Barnett established the bakery but sold it to

  • Frederick Atherton 1895

  • D Waddell in 1899

  • H Chittick 1900

  • George Pockney 1901

  • F J Peachey 1904

  • J Bowring 1905

  • Albert Derden 1906

  • John Rennie

  • John Murphy & William Oliver made an application to
    build the current bakery in 1922 and completed it in 1924

  • The partnership of Murphy & Oliver concluded in 1928-29
    with Murphy continuing as owner and Jack Long as tenant

  • Edward Ellis became owner during early war years retaining
    Jack Long as baker

  • Eva Long bought building in 1947-48

  • Hennessy Bros of Caulfield (Austral/Home Pride) purchased
    business in early 1950's and closed it soon after

  • Property sold to CBA in 1974 who used it as a storeroom.

The CBA Bank owned the property at the time the Mordialloc Historical Society was looking for a home. Charles Ferguson had been lobbying strongly with the Mordialloc Council to find a building where many items collected by the society could be stored and displayed. The Council became convinced of the worthwhile nature of the Societyís work and approached the Bank with the intention of purchasing the property. Initially they were reluctant to sell but eventually agreed. The bakery was gained for £12,000 and became the headquarters of the Society in 1976.

In recognition of the important contribution made by Charles Ferguson, it was named in his honour. Today the Charles Ferguson Museum is the centre of the Societyís activities, where exhibitions are held and resources related to the local area are housed and made available to researchers. The original ovens are still there, set within the front wall, and the second floor houses exhibitions on the history of local schools, the Garryowen Trophy, Edward Trait, editor of the Standard Newspaper Group, and Mordialloc City Mayors. These exhibitions are changed from time to time. The museum is open to visitors each Sunday afternoon from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at the cost of two dollars to non-members. (For members it is free.) Other times can be arranged by appointment.


Graham J Whitehead

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