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______ (1954)
Moorabbin Methodist Church, Wickham Road, Souvenir of Centenary Celebration
Details the arrival of Methodism, the establishment of a Sunday School and the building of a church. Names individuals significant in the development of the church including William Daff, Samuel Clayton, Mr McKitterick, Mr R Nicol, J Mills, James Jamison, Mr Gaskell, William Clayton and Miss Mary Clark the first lady teacher in the Sunday School.

______ (1957)
One Hundred Years 
The history of the Church of Christ in Chesterville Road, Cheltenham. Has photographs of Sunday School teachers, choir, Board of Officers and church buildings over the period. 

_____ (1963)
Scouting Moorabbin District 1962-1963
An annual handbook that details names and addresses of scouters and helpers in the Moorabbin District, together with brief histories of groups.

_____ (1991)
A Brief History of St Joseph’s Church Chelsea for the Golden Jubilee of the Blessing and Opening on 5th January 1941
Produced in 1991, fifty years after the building of St Joseph’s Church, this small publication details the building program of the parish and the priest who served there over that time. Religious vocations, and Brigidine and Josephite sisters who have taught in the parish school are listed. 

BALL, John (1986)
History of the Clarinda Presbyterian Church 
Traces the history of the Clarinda Presbyterian Church (1886-1986) originally known as the Bald Hills Presbyterian Church. Lists many people involved in the growth of the church, its organisations and the activities that took place there. Contains photographs. Lists ministers, home missionaries and elders of the church.

BENNETT, Alan (1996)
When the Three Finger Salute came to Moorabbin
History of the scouting movement in the City of Moorabbin 1910 to 1995. Presents 'roll call' of scout leaders.

BENNETT, Alan (1999)
Settlers to Sand Pits, Turnips to Tips 
A rich compendium detailing significant events and people from the Clarinda, Heatherton and Dingley areas. Contains information about the Kingston Golf Club, local schools, the Heatherton Sanatorium, the Benevolent Asylum and Moorabbin Airport. 

BROWNBILL, Kim (1995)
Cheltenham Primary School: 1855-1995 
Published as part of anniversary celebrations of a school that commenced in LaTrobe Street Mentone and moved next to the cemetery in Charman Road. Draws extensively from Education Department correspondence and contains photographs of early classes. 

BRUTON, William. (1930)
Local History: Carrum to Cheltenham 
(Republished 1999 with Introduction by J. Rainey) 
Records memories of a pioneer in district. Describes vegetation and names early settlers including Beaumaris School headmasters. Brief notes of events. Carrum Swamp. No references. 

BURNELL, Isabel & Dorr, Joan (1987)
1st Cheltenham Girl Guides Diamond Jubilee 
Traces the beginning of the company in 1927 with eight girls through until 1987 noting the names of people at the 40th and 50th birthday celebrations. Containing many interesting photographs of members. 

BURREN, Pauline B., (1984)
Mentone: The Place for a School 
History of Mentone Girls’ Grammar School established in 1899 noting the contribution of the Simpson sisters who played such an important role in its creation. It details the economic disasters, ownership changes, clashes and successes. Sources well documented. 

CRIBBIN, John (1995) 
Moorabbin: A Pictorial History 1862-1994 
City of Kingston 
Produced for the City of Moorabbin this book is easy to read and contains an excellent selection of photographs from the late 1880s to the present time. Material includes the market gardeners, the tramway used by the market gardeners to take produce to market, land subdivisions, the Moorabbin Airport and Southland. 

FORSTER, Sandy (1993)
A Place of Love: Kington Centre – a Living History 
Records the recollections of people involved in the maintenance and management of Kingston Centre – previously named the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum, and the Cheltenham Home and Hospital for the Aged. Information is given on the characters of the institution, the grounds, entertainment provided, the piggery and the working conditions. 

GAMBLE, Leo (1982) 
St Bede’s College and its McCristal Origins, 1896-1982 
History of St Bede’s College Mentone and its predecessor Mentone College with early chapters providing excellent details of Mentone’s development and pioneers. Sources carefully documented 

GHERARDEN, Walter (2000)
The Gordon Homes: A History and Tribute 
The Gordon Institute for Boys came to Highett in 1950 in what was seen as the third phase of its development. The earlier stages and subsequent stages of the establishment and growth of the organization are documented against the social and political context of the times. 

HIBBINS G. M. (1984) 
A History of the City of Springvale: A constellation of Communities 
City of Springvale & Lothian :Publishing Company 
Traces the history of the City of Springvale including it relationship to Dandenong, Chelsea and Mordialloc. Notes the contribution of early settlers - Keys, Attenborough, Gartsides and many others. Notes the selectors on the Carrum Swamp and developments at Dingley. 

HILBIG, K. Graham & Daff, G. L. (1970)
Our Heritage 
Details how the Churches of Christ began and the history of the church in Cheltenham. Many pioneer families are mentioned including Brough, LePage, Fairlam, Meeres, Monk, Daff, Penny, Keir and Walker. 

HORNE, Susan (1993) 
Provides information on the Bunurong people, their social organisation, leadership and relationships to other families, clans and tribes. Also presents information on the impact of European colonisation from 1835 to 1877. Contains bibliography. 

HOWE, Renate & Swain, Shurlee (1989)
All God’s Children: A Centenary History of the Methodist Homes for Children and the Orana Peace Memorial Homes
A detailed and authoritative account of the Methodist Children’s homes that came to Point Nepean Road, Cheltenham prior to the beginning of the twentieth century. This book traces the people, the problems and achievements of the institution over a one hundred year period since it was first established in Carlton in 1888.

JONES, A. Les., (1987) 
The Charmans of Cheltenham 
Family history of Charman family. Stephen Charman was granted 160 acre of land in the parish of Moorabbin on September 4, 1852 

KENT, P., (1973)
Christ Church Dingley: 1873-1973 a centenary review
Records one hundred years of the history of the Anglican church in Dingley, noting the contribution of Mary Attenborough and her brother Thomas in its foundation. Other pioneer families mentioned include Booker, Kingston, Stooke, Orgill, and Gartside. The clergy of the parish are listed.

LANE, Pat & JOHNSTON, Sheila (1988) 
St Patrick’s: The Mission of Mentone 
History of the Catholic parish of St Patrick’s, Mentone, its parish priests, noting the arrival of the Sisters of the Brigidine Order and the creation of the parish school.

LONGMUIR, Eric (1973) 
Early Cheltenham: The times and Customs of its People
Melbourne [Manuscript] 
Provides information about social institutions, organisations, and people who have made a contribution to the development of Cheltenham. 

LORRAINE, Allan G. (2001)
A Building of Faith: The History of St David’s Church Moorabbin
A historical record of St David’s Church from 1888 to 2001, its vicars, parishioners, buildings and significant events; rich in original sources.

MCGUIRE, Frank (1985) 
Chelsea: A Beachside Community 
City of Chelsea Historical Society 
Covers events from the first explorers and last aboriginal tribe in the area to activities in the city in 1980’s . Short vignettes of many pioneers of the area. Carrum Swamp settlers, coming of the railway, severance, entertainment and sequence of event

MCGUIRE, F. (1985) 
Mordialloc, the Early Days 
Contains photographs of early Mordialloc and gives information about members of the Bunurong tribe, early settlers, the creek, racing at Mordialloc, the coming of the railway and a short history of the Carrum Swamp 

MCGUIRE, F R (Frank) (Ed) (1995) 
City of Kingston, Origins: A Brief Pictorial History 
Provides a chronological listing of events in the areas now part of the City of Kingston. Notes changes in local government leading to Kingston. References listed. 

MARSHALL Norman T (1996) 
Serving God in a Community 
Traces the history of Christian churches in the Chelsea area. Produced as part of the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the beginning of regular services of worship in the Chelsea area in June 1896. A wealth of information on the people who struggled to establish places of worship often drawn from histories of individual churches - Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian, Salvation Army and Apostolic. 

MARSHALL Norman T (1996) 
Lift High the Cross 
Traces the history of the Methodist churches in the Chelsea area. Draws from fascinating historical material of the time. Interesting old photographs of individuals important in the early development of the churches but the reproduction quality is poor. Pen pictures of ministers and members. 

PICKERING , Robert 1972 
Moorabbin Primary School No 1111: Centenary 1872-1972 
Brief history of the school from its inception. Names the provisional committee.

POLITES, Sue (1992) 
Pioneers of Faith: St Matthew’s Cheltenham 1867-1992 
Traces the history of the Anglican parish in Cheltenham from the early places of worship in Spring Grove (now Weatherall Road) and Silver Street to the building of the new church on Nepean Highway in 1966. Contains information on the eighteen men who have served as vicars and the people and events that have affected its growth. 

ROGERS Hunter, (n.d.) 
History of the ‘Woodlands’ Golf Club 
Covers the first twenty five years of the Life of the Club 1913-1938 . Describes the formation of the Mordialloc Golf Club and meeting of George Rogers with Count Fonseca, the owner of the property. Details members over the twenty year period and developments of the course. 

ROBINSON, Collen (1989) 
Additions & Subtractions : Mentone Primary School No 2950 
History of Mentone Primary School founded 1889. Produced as part of centenary celebrations. Provides a background chapter on the history of the area -the ‘Beaumaris run’ with the Moyseys. Describes work of Mentone Board of Works in securing a school for Mentone. Mentions the Squire sisters. Bibliography included.

RUNDLE, James (1991) 
Against All Odds 
Mentone Grammar School 
Traces the history of the school from 1920 to 1988. Gives the context of the Great War - Protestant school and patriotism and describes Mentone at that time. Index and Table of Contents. Concentration on personalities of the school - headmasters etc, school governance and financial issues related to survival. 

SHEEHY Tom (1970) 
Mordialloc - Chelsea: Aspects of History Volume 1 
Standard Newspapers, Cheltenham 
This history of the Mordialloc Chelsea area focusses on: Beginnings of White Settlement, Racing, Railway, Severance, Politicians and Councillors, Historical facts for students. 

SHEEHY, T. A. (1978) 
A Saga of Heatherton [Manuscript] 
A history of Heatherton Primary School. Contains examples of pages from School Register and Rate Records for the area. 

SHEEHY Tom (1985) 
Battlers Tamed a Sandbelt: Moorabbin 50 Years a City 
City of Moorabbin 
Written to commemorate 50 years as the City of Moorabbin. Formation of City and efforts at severance. Attraction of Industry, Activities during WWII, Red Cross and Victory Club, Typhoid Epidemic, Political representation during war. Cites references as footnotes 

SHEEHY, Tom (1965) 
A Short History of Moorabbin 
Provides information on many of the pioneers of the Moorabbin district, the severance of Moorabbin from Brighton, Sandringham from Moorabbin and Mordialloc from Moorabbin. Contains a Chronology of events. Index 

SHEEDY, Tom (1982) 
A Hospital for the Bayside 
History of the Mordialloc-Cheltenham Hospital

STEPHENSON, K. A. (1954) 
A History of the Cheltenham Methodist Church 1854-1954 
Written as part of the centennial celebrations of the church. Many of Cheltenham pioneering families were members - Rev J. Bickford, Stephen Charman, Moysey family, William Wraight, George Woff, Thomas Chandler. Lists many people involved in a variety of church activities. 

Victoria and Its Metropolis 
Provides brief biographies of early settlers in the area that has become the City of Kingston - Col Mair, George Stayner, Matthew Davies, Robert Rigg etc. 

TRELOAR, B. (n.d) 
The Fairlams and the Ruses 
A family history of two early families in the Cheltenham district. William Fairlam became an estate agent and business man at Cheltenham. His son, Richard William Percy Fairlam, was a storekeeper at Cheltenham but known for his photography of the area. William Ruse came to Australia in 1851and to Cheltenham after making three hundred pounds on the Bendigo goldfields. At first lived in ,what is today, Chesterville Road but subsequently moved to the Beaumaris Estate. Ruse family actively involved in community affairs.

TURLEY, Frank (2001)
Talking with Frank: Narratives of Kingston 
Transcribed interviews undertaken by Frank Turley with people who lived in the Kingston area, or whose parents did so, during the period 1901-1927. Covers issues such as schooling, entertainment, role of women, transport and the church.

WHITE, Piri (2001)
Talking with Piri: Narratives of Kingston 
Transcribed interviews undertaken by Piri White with people who lived in the Kingston area, or whose parents did so, during the period 1901-1927. Covers issues such as schooling, entertainment, role of women, transport and the church.

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