First Students of Mordialloc-Chelsea High School

First School Council of Mordialloc-Chelsea High School 1928. Cr Roy Beardsworth in centre front row. Courtesy of Chelsea & District Historical Society.

Cr Roy Beardsworth ,a councillor in the Borough of Carrum, was invited to perform the opening ceremony of the new high school, Mordialloc-Carrum, September 1924. Beardsworth was elected to the Chelsea Council in 1922. “One of his greatest achievements was the creation of Mordialloc Chelsea High School. He was the first to agitate for such an institution. He led the deputation to the Minister of Education on behalf of the Chelsea Council. He offered to donate the land for the high school thus ensuring its establishment.” (Notes from Chelsea Historical Society)

In his address at the opening he was reported as saying:

It gave him untold pleasure to see this wonderful boon obtained for the children of this district. He hoped the motto of the new school would be “Nil Desperandum.” Never despair was the motto of those who had sought this school. In spite of carping critics they went right on to success. He urged the children to adopt his motto through life. All ideals were ultimately achieved. Looking in the future he could see many of the scholars of this school becoming the leaders of the nation. As such (and at all times) let them never forget to seek the Peace of All Nations., and the Brotherhood of Man.

“At the opening of the Carrum Mordialloc District High School, Cr Beadsworth congratulated the children present upon being the foundation scholars of the school.

We publish the full herewith the full list of scholars - put this away - in time to come it will be a treasured document. You will be able to point to your name in print as one of the Foundation Scholars - perhaps to your children’s children.

As Chelsea had the largest number of children, we place them first on the list:

From Chelsea School:

Donald Allan, Jessie Anderson, Alice Bailey, Alick Blackburn, Keith Campbell, Ruth Coad, Catherine Coad, Arthur Charman, Doris Clark, Ethel Dodd, Claud Down, Ada Dickson, Alma Frost, Jean Gaskin, Jean Good, Jean Green, Robert Graham, Barbara Hair, John Hiscock, William Hopkinson, Raymond Jackson, Marion Jackson, Gladys Johnson, Reginald Jacobson, Alec Judd, Frederick Jones, Rita Kempson, Alice Kolbe, Marion Kolbe, William Kidman, Annie Kennedy, George Kinsey, Louis Millsom, Violet Mason, Frank Madden, Thelma Mates, Edward Meler, Gordon McAskill, Mona McDonald, Alexander Mackenzie, Mavis Palmer, Violet Rogers, Edward Rider, Beatrice Russell, Mabel Saw, Mary Smith, Oswald Wood, Cora Watt, Doris Wright, Georgerie White.

From Edithvale School:

Marion West, Madge Robinson, Marie Bradford, Zena Smith, Merlie Mills, Thelma Batten, Phyllis Batten, Grace Leese, Dorothy Reynolds, Florence Carr, Muril Grose, Marjorie Graham, Lilian Powell, Nancy Rowe, Ethel Hore, Bert Hunter, Fred Webb, Lindsay Willison, Bert Robinson, George Smith, Stanley Dewar, Leslie Turner, Keith Turner, Bruce Cameron, Edward ****, William Martin


Gordon McVicar, Joe Wolstenholme, Ealo Grieg, David Haysom, Charles A. Packer, Eric R. Baker, Doris Brine, Doris Prummy, Isobel N.J.Forster, George D. Hedrick, Harold Maddocks, Iris Steward, Geoff R. Anderson, Allan Beecroft, Keith James, Athol Pike, Jean J. Blake, Janet Stinnerman, Joan Nicholls, William A. James, Ernest Ewain, Irene Spence, May Kane, Ina Green, Helen A Bruce, Joan Cowley, George Govett, James W. Govett, Nancy Lukey, Phyllis Payne, John V. Spicer, Ethel Wykes, Nellie J. M. Gray.


Ivan Bailley, Allan Dundas


Ellsie Greenwood, Frank Doward, Bobby Ould, Nellie Courtney, Joyce Dear.


Russell Scott, May Hatrick, Frank Brock

Total: Chelsea 50, Edithvale 30, Mordialloc 42, Cheltenham 5, Moorabbin 3, Mentone 1, total to date, 131.

27 June 2018
  • The Gazette, Friday February 22, 1924.
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